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Snow Removal and Winter Control

Fort Erie has SNOW HOW!

View our SNOW HOW brochure for information about your role in Winter Control.


Winter Control Plan

The Winter Control Plan describes the Minimum Maintenance Standards and related legislation that govern winter control operations.

Additionally, the guidelines and procedures for the winter maintenance of Town of Fort Erie roads, sidewalks and parking lots are described in this Plan.  Proactive measures such as Winter Patrols and Snow Fence erection are also detailed.

Click here to view the Winter Control Plan

Snow Removal

Attention all Property Owners: In an effort to keep the streets and sidewalks cleared and passable in winter months following snowplowing and sanding operations, residents are advised that a new by-law prohibits the depositing of snow or ice on Town maintained streets and sidewalks.
Specifically, By-law No. 2009-017 provides that

3.1 “No person shall obstruct or permit to be obstructed a sidewalk, by depositing snow or ice on the sidewalk.”

3.2 “No person shall deposit or permit to be deposited snow or ice on a highway that will cause interference with vehicular traffic.”

The Town will be exercising enforcement of By-law No. 2009-017. An Order will be issued to have any snow deposits found to be obstructing or interfering with safe passage on a street or sidewalk removed within twelve (12) hours, unless imminent danger exists. If this Order is not complied with, the Town may clear the deposited snow at the Owner’s expense. The cost for this removal will be added to the tax roll and subject to tax collection procedures.

Property owners should advise any contractors and others responsible for clearing snow from their property of this By-law.

Shovelling, snowblowing or plowing snow or ice onto sidewalks, boulevards or Town streets is prohibited and could be subject to financial penalty.

Enquiries may be directed to Infrastructure Services, Operations at (905) 871-1600, Ext. 2466.