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School Crossing Guard Program

BLUE the Butterfly

NEW interactive classroom program

This NEW interactive classroom program is coming to schools in the Town of Fort Erie this Fall!

Introducing BLUE the Butterfly who will be helping to teach Primary grade students about the importance of road safety for pedestrians, promoting active travel - walking & wheeling, for school, and the role of School Crossing Guards in their community!

Check out the video below!




School Crossing Guards

The Town of Fort Erie is committed to contributing to the well-being of residents and visitors by ensuring a healthy and safe community. Keeping children safe is a priority for the Town. School Crossing Guards are a vital and necessary part of our community. Residents can now access all School Crossing Guard locations and shift times. The chart below will help parents and caregivers in designing safe walking habits for their children. Please NOTE: all shift times are subject to change without prior notice. Please check website regularly for changes to times, as well as new locations.

Currently, the Town has 12 locations with 14 Crossing Guards posted near or adjacent to elementary school properties. A listing of their times at post are as follows for the Current School Year:

Road Safety Awareness



All drivers must:

  • STOP: When you approach a School Crossing Location
  • OBEY: The Highway Traffic Act
  • RESPECT: The Crossing Guard
  • PATIENCE: Remain stopped until everyone has cleared the crossing - including the guard!
  • PROCEED: When safe to do so

You could be fined a minimum of $150.00 if found guilty of an offence - Highway Traffic Act Regulation Section 176.

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Jennifer Pennell-Ajie

Crossing Guard Supervisor

905-871-1600 ext. 2401