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Infrastructure Services provides technical expertise to various Committees appointed by Council to address the Town of Fort Erie's residents and businesses concerns regarding streetlighting, traffic safety and coordination, transit and specialized transit provision and drainage. Listed below are the appointed members of these Committees and a contact person to facilitate your requests:

Traffic Coordinating Committee (By-law No. 97-2016)

This Committee will consist of Town of Fort Erie representation as follows:

  • One member of Council (Council liaison)
  • Director, Infrastructure Services, Chair of Meetings
  • Manager, Engineering
  • Manager, Roads and Fleet
  • Transit Program Manager

and one representative from:

  • Planning & Development Services
  • Municipal By-law Enforcement
  • Niagara Regional Police
  • Regional Municipality of Niagara - Public Works/Transportation Division

The Engineering Division of Infrastructure Services is the primary contact and provides the required professional and secretarial support.

The purpose of the Committee is to assess, advise and act on traffic issues according to legislation, municipal by-laws, policies and standards. The Committee makes technically supported recommendations, where necessary, on traffic management issues, including but not limited to: parking control, speed limits, cross walks and crossing guards, load restrictions, school safety zones, streetlights, requests with regards to street lighting and traffic signs.

Generally, the Committee will meet quarterly or as required to conduct business (special meetings may be held at the Call of the Chair). To contact the Secretariat for this Committee please call 905-871-1600 x2401.

Transit Advisory Committee (By-law No. 143-2016)

The Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) will work to meet the Town of Fort Erie’s approved Transit Route, Bus Stop & Facility Improvements Plan vision and mission statements:


Vision: “Fort Erie Transit will provide a local and affordable public transportation system that is supported by residents and the business community.”


Mission: “To provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation services that support the economic vitality, growth, environmental sustainability, and health of the community.”


This Committee will consist of representation as follows:

Composition of the TAC is intended to represent a broad range of community interests and is structured to provide a balance of perspectives. The TAC consists of up to eight members as follows:

  • Mayor Wayne Redekop (ex-officio)
  • Councillor Dubanow
  • Dalton Bird
  • Nick Brady
  • David Duchesne
  • Ken Walker
  • Vacancies - 1 Regular User of Conventional Transit
  • Vacancy - 1 Regular User of FAST

Information and guidance on the transit system is available and provided to the Committee from:

  • Director, Infrastructure Services
  • Transit Program Manager
  • Neighbourhood Planner – Planning & Development Services
  • Regional Municipality of Niagara
  • Contracted Transit Provider/ Operators
  • Town of Fort Erie - Accessibility Advisory Committee

Generally, the Committee will meet bi-monthly or as required to conduct business. To contact the Secretariat for this Committee please call Jennifer Pennell-Ajie at 905-871-1600 x2401.

Infrastructure Services Business Committee - This Committee is made up of the following:

  • Councillor K. Zanko, Chair
  • Councillor D. Lubberts, Vice Chair
  • Kelly Walsh, Director, Infrastructure Services
  • Tim Marotta, Manager, Engineering Division
  • George Stojanovic, Manager, Operations  
  • Sean Hutton, Manager, Parks and Facilities Division
  • Chris Pisaric, Manager, Water and Wastewater Division
  • Jennifer Pennell-Ajie, EA to the Director, IS and Division Coordinator, Engineering

This Committee deals with issues pertaining to the business and work of Infrastructure Services. This Committee meets quarterly. To contact the Secretariat for this Committee please call 905-871-1600 x2401.

Drainage Task Force - This Committee is made up of the following:

  • Representation from the Engineering Division, Infrastructure Services
  • Representation from the Community Planning and Development Services
  • Representation from the Operations Division, Infrastructure Services

This Committee deals with drainage issues. To contact the Engineering Representative for this Committee please call 905-871-1600 x2405.