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Tax Relief for Registered Charities

Current legislation requires that the Region of Niagara approve and local municipalities administer a tax rebate program for eligible charities that occupy and pay commercial or industrial property taxes.

To determine your eligibility to receive a charitable rebate, you may review the attached policy and application or please contact the tax department at (905) 871-1600 extension 2305.

Providing that all eligibility requirements are met the following rebates will be provided:

Legions and other similar organizations as defined under section 325 (1) of the Municipal Act, 2001 - 100% of taxes paid.

Navy Leagues as defined under section 6 of the Assessment Act - 100% of taxes paid.

All other eligible charities as defined in subsection 248 (1) of the Income Tax Act and have a registration number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency - 40% of taxes paid.

Applications will be accepted between January 1st of the tax year and February 28th of the following year.