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Snowmobile Rules and Regulations

The use of snowmobiles is subject to the Ontario Motorized Snow Vehicles Act (MSVA) and municipal by-laws. As a rider or driver of the device, it's your responsibility to understand and uphold the law. In addition to the rules and regulations in the MVSA, the Town of Fort Erie’s By-law 24-06 regulates the use of snowmobiles on public property and roadways.

For example, in the Town of Fort Erie, snowmobiles are allowed on public roadways except from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. In addition, snowmobiles are not allowed in parks except within parks and parking lots that are clearly and unmistakably identified as vehicular roadways and/or parking lots.

Niagara Regional Police enforce By-law 24-06. A person who contravenes any provisions of the by-law will be guilty of an offence and on conviction liable to a fine under the Provincial Offences Act.

Violation Fine
No person shall operate any motorized vehicle on the Recreation Trail (Fort Erie Friendship Trail) $250
No person shall operate any motorized vehicle in the Town of Fort Erie between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. $250
No person shall operate a motorized snow vehicle upon any sidewalk except for crossing a sidewalk. $250
No person shall in any park, ride, park or drive any motorized vehicle except upon the roadway designated for vehicular use. $250

What are the Driver Requirements to Operate a Snowmobile?

Everyone who drives a snowmobile in Ontario must meet the minimum requirements of the Ontario Motorized Snow Vehicles Act.

To drive a snowmobile, you must carry with you:

  • a valid driver’s licence, motorized snow vehicle operator’s licence (MSVOL) or a snowmobile driver's licence from your home province, state or country
  • proof of insurance
  • snowmobile registration permit

Do I have to wear a helmet?
Drivers and passengers must wear an approved snowmobile helmet.

What is a Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s Licence (MSVOL)?
A MSVOL is a licence issued by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs that allows you to drive snowmobiles on trails. Learn more about licensing, registration and other requirements to operate your snowmobile.

Where can I ride my snowmobile?

You CAN ride:

  • on your own property
  • on private trails belonging to organizations of which you are a member
  • on private property, with the owner's permission
  • alongside public roads, between the shoulder and fence line (except between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.)

You CAN'T ride:

  • on certain high-speed roads
  • on the pavement of public roads where vehicles drive
  • on the ploughed portion of the shoulder

Never Drive While Impaired by Alcohol or Drugs
If you are convicted of impaired driving on a snowmobile, you will lose your driving privileges for all types of vehicles for at least one year. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. For more information on impaired driving and its consequences in Ontario, visit

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