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Roads Resurfacing Program

Roads Resurfacing Program

With summer underway, so marks the Town’s annual Road Resurfacing program.

How are the roads rated and ranked?

The entire Town road network is inspected and rated every 3 years by Town Engineering staff or a pavement engineering consultant to provide updated Pavement Condition Index (PCI) information. Road sections are inspected and rated using a pavement evaluation system developed by the Ministry of Transportation and widely adopted at all levels of road management.

The updated pavement condition data is uploaded to a computerized road maintenance decision making program that evaluates each road section based on condition, traffic volume, road classification, road type and various community factors such as; school zones, transit routes, and medical facility locations.

The decision making program provides an initial list of candidate roads which are then "ground-truthed' by Town Engineering staff to confirm the acceptability of each road section for resurfacing. Town staff also ensure that the resurfacing list aligns with other capital works plans (watermain and sewer construction project) to ensure efficiencies and to avoid project overlap. 


What are the types of road resurfacing & reconstruction used?

Road Resurfacing

  • Hot Mix Overlay – A new layer of asphalt is placed on top of the existing road. 
  • Hot Mix Mill and Overlay – A portion of the existing asphalt road is milled off and a new layer of asphalt is placed on the milled surface.
  • Surface Treatment (aka tar and chip sealing) – Asphalt emulsion is sprayed on top of the existing road surface or other base material and is coated with a fine aggregate. 

Road Reconstruction

  • The existing asphalt roads are pulverized and replaced with new asphalt.
  • The existing asphalt roads are excavated and replaced with a new granular base and new asphalt.
  • The existing surface treated roads are pulverized and replaced with new double surface treat emulsion and fine aggregate. It may also include a layer of recycled asphalt pavement.
  • The existing surface is pulverized, graded and compacted with a dust suppressant application.

How much money is dedicated to fixing our roads?

In order to maximize the dollars committed to the Roads Resurfacing program, Town Council approves the annual budget early in the year; thus, allowing for early tendering and favourable pricing.


Current Projects

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