Insurance Claims

Reporting a Claim


If you have suffered an injury or have sustained damage to your personal property as a direct result of activities or services provided by the Town of Fort Erie and wish to file a claim for your damages, the following steps will guide you but are not to be taken as legal advice.

Personal Injury

The Municipal Act 2001, as amended, places time restrictions on the reporting of accidents on roads and sidewalks including those involving a slip and fall. Such incidents must be reported to the Town within ten (10) days after the occurrence in order to be considered. Please complete the Personal Injury/Property Damage Claim-Form 1 or submit your written Claim Letter or Notice of Claim to the Randi Martins, at the address shown below, explaining:

  • Date and time of incident
  • Exact location
  • Type of incident and any relevant details

Property Damage

  • Report the incident to your Insurance Carrier. The Carrier will assess the damages and will make the immediate necessary arrangements to commence clean-up and repair of damaged property.
  • Make a list of all the items/areas affected; if possible take photographs.
  • Your Insurance Carrier should pay for damages and if applicable, will contact the Town for recovery.

If your Insurance Company does not cover your Damages

  • Prepare a Claim Letter/Notice of Claim or use the Town’s Incident Report/Claim for Damages Form 1 detailing the events that may have caused the damage.
  • Attach copies of any invoices or expenses incurred as a result of the event or indicate “forthcoming” and photographs taken.
  • Send your Claim and all relevant documents to:

Randi Martins, Manager, Procurement, Finance & Risk

Town of Fort Erie, 1 Municipal Centre Drive, Fort Erie, ON L2A 2S6

Telephone: 905-871-1600 ext. 2303 / Fax: 905-871-9984


The Town will not be held responsible for your costs unless you can provide evidence that a negligent act or omission resulted in injury or damage. Like most Canadian municipalities, the Town of Fort Erie only compensates when it is legally liable for the damage sustained. This approach helps to reduce costs for the taxpaying public – who ultimately bear the cost of these claims.

Whenever damage to municipal property is caused by a third party the Town seeks recovery of the related costs from the responsible party e.g. for damage to property such as streetlights, hydrants, guardrails and signage etc.

Upon receipt of your claim, the Town or its Adjuster begins an investigation and typically a final response will be sent to you within thirty (30) days.

The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act. The information is used solely for the purpose of processing the Personal Injury/Property Damage Claim and will be supplied to the Town of Fort Erie’s Insurance Adjuster. Also, if the alleged damages might have occurred as the result of work being performed by a contractor on behalf of the Town or a public utility, this information will be shared with the relevant contractor who may forward to their insurance provider.  Questions about this collection of information can be made to the Record’s Coordinator at 905-871-1600 ext. 2214

If you have any questions, please contact Randi Martins.

Note: Payment for claim is contingent upon the Town being found liable. Fraudulent claims cost all taxpayers. The Town will prosecute all fraudulent claims to the full extent of the law.