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Freedom Park Project

Freedom Park Project

Freedom Park Maquette

The Town of Fort Erie has initiated a new public art installation at Freedom Park to commemorate the Underground Railroad.

Freedom Park is located along the Niagara River and is regarded as a major terminus of slave crossing into Canada. The annual re-enactment of the crossing was hosted at Freedom Park for many years. The site is also known as a destination along the Freedom Trail, which follows the path of the Underground Railroad. Recognition of this historic site was envisioned to include a location for public gatherings and an inspiring commemorative sculpture.

The historic and symbolic significance of Freedom Park is unquestionably important. The addition of a powerful figurative bronze sculpture will memorialize slavery’s ultimate abolition in North America and Fort Erie’s role as a haven to those who endured and won the struggle for freedom.

A maquette of the bronze sculpture has been created by sculptor Les Drysdale. Fundraising for the project is currently underway. For more information, contact the Town of Fort Erie.