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Community Planning Public Notices

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of Town Hall to the public, Public Open Houses and Public Meetings are being held electronically. 

All electronic public open houses and meetings are being conducted using the Zoom platform and can be viewed live on the Town's YouTube Channel or by clicking on the YouTube icon on the home page of the Town's website at

You may participate in a Public Meeting or Public Open House, either online using Zoom (audio and video) or by telephone. 

Please see the list at the bottom of this page to access background information and participation instructions for upcoming public open houses and meetings.


Tips for participating in a Town of Fort Erie Electronic Public Information Open House or Public Meeting

  • Participants will be asked to register in advance of the Public Open House or Public Meeting, so detailed and/or individualized instructions and login information may be provided in advance.
  • Participants will login into the Zoom meeting at the start of the Open House or Meeting, and be placed in a waiting room. 
  • In some cases, participants will be provided a 'waiting room number', which will indicate the order in which participants will be called upon to speak.
  • While logged into the Zoom meeting and in the waiting room, you will be able to hear the meeting/open house but will not be heard or seen until admitted into the meeting by the host.
  • Please mute your microphone prior to the meeting and be mindful of background noise during your presentation.  If video is enabled, please be mindful of your background.
  • Please note that the meeting will be live streamed on YouTube.  Your name will be visible, as well as your video if enabled.  
  • Participants will be called upon one at a time to provide comments. Please introduce yourself when asked, including your name and property address
  • Highlight your key points relating to the project – each speaker will have a 10 minute time limit, to allow all participants an opportunity to speak. A 1 minute warning will be provided. Participants requiring more than 10 minutes will be invited to follow up with staff by email, relative to any comments or questions not communicated within the time limit. 
  • Larger groups should appoint a single representative to speak on the groups behalf.
  • Please note that comments should be restricted to the topic of the meeting/open house.