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Fort Erie Communities in Bloom

Communities-in-Bloom is a non-profit Canadian organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement. 

The Council-appointed Fort Erie Communities-in-Bloom Committee acts on behalf of the Community. The Committee conducts a local Communities-in-Bloom competition that recognizes the environmental, beautification and volunteer efforts of Fort Erie property owners and organizations.

Past 2019 Program (Next program begins Spring 2020)


As in the past, Judges will visit your property to evaluate it based on the criteria of Communities in Bloom. The properties will be rated on a three, four, or five bloom scale. Judging will take place between July 15th and July 17th, 2019.



NEW for 2019 is a Recognition Program for those who do not have the desire to compete. The assessment of the property or project will be made upon reviewing a photo submission by email, and subsequent drive by viewing


People’s Choice Award


NEW for 2019, residents of Fort Erie will be able to vote on their favourite properties. If you would like to participate, click on the link above. Your name and a photo of your property will be posted to the Facebook page. Residents will have a one week voting period to “Like” the photos of their favourite property.  Rally your friends and family to vote on your property!

*Note: You may apply to this in addition to the Evaluation/Recognition programming. 




In past years, Fort Erie has competed on a National and International level with great success. The Town's history with these levels are described below. These efforts were judged by National Judges who came to the community to score Fort Erie against all different cities across Canada or the World. This year in 2019, Fort Erie is registering in the Circle of Excellence, Non-Evaluated program with the National Communities in Bloom organization. This means National Judges will not be visiting us, however, the Committee will look forward to welcoming those judges in future years. 

A History of Success




Fort Erie competed for the first time at the Provincial level and successfully completed it with a 5 Bloom rating. Additionally, we won the Landscape Award.


After success from the previous year, we were invited to compete in the National Competition and received a 4 Bloom rating-out of a possible 5 Bloom. They awarded us with the Dedicated Heritage Award.


We continued our success in the National Competition with a 5 Bloom rating and the Heritage Preservation Award.


Fort Erie decided to compete in the Friends Category for two years.


We continued our excellence in the National Competition with a rating of 5 Blooms and being awarded the Floral Displays Award.


The committee decided to join the Friends Category again for a couple years after our great success with the National level.


As Fort Erie was invited back to the National Level, we successfully achieved the title of the Winner of the National Competition within our population category.


Fort Erie remained in the Communities in Bloom program in the Circle of Excellence.


Fort Erie excelled this year competing in the International Level. We received an Honorable Mention, coming second place to Cervia, Italy. Additional special recognition of Volunteer Involvement was awarded to Fort Erie.


Fort Erie decided to compete in the Friends Category for a few years after great success in the International Competition.


The committee decided to take a year off to develop the program and work on new strategies for the upcoming year in order to improve on existing projects.


Fort Erie is competing again this season in the Circle of Excellence; however it will be in the non-evaluated category. The main focus this year is on the Local competition and will continue to grow in the coming years to higher levels as new strategies are into place.