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Please scroll to the bottom of this page for meeting dates, agenda and application information.


Residents can participate in Zoom committee meetings three different ways:


1. Send your written submission, together with reasons for support or opposition via e-mail, mail or drop off in the Town drop off box located at Town Hall to the Secretary-Treasurer to the Committee of Adjustment ( who will provide them to the Committee of Adjustment.  Please provide comments before 5:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. 


2. Participate in the Live Webinar Meeting (audio and video) by sending an email to the Secretary-Treasurer to the Committee of Adjustment ( to receive information on joining the Zoom meeting.


3.   Participate in the Meeting by Telephone by calling 905-871-1600 ext. 2508 and leave a message with your name, phone number and the agenda item(s) you wish to speak to.  Town staff will contact you and provide you with the meeting details.

Residents can view the meeting (for those that do not wish to address the Committee directly):

The Town of Fort Erie Committee of Adjustment meeting live webcast will be streamed at or click on the YouTube icon on the home page of the Town’s website (

Registered participants will be provided with further meeting details and instructions on the meeting procedures and agenda.  

Tips for Speaking at the Town of Fort Erie Committee of Adjustment Public Meeting:

  • Participants will be called upon one at a time to address the Committee with their comments.
  • Please mute your microphone prior to the meeting and be mindful of background noise  during your presentation.  
  • Please note that the meeting will be recorded on YouTube.  Your name will be visible on the meeting but not your video.  
  • We will call all attendees during the meeting one at a time to provide their comments.
  • When you login in to the Zoom link provided to you, you will be able to hear the meeting. While attendees are in the waiting room they are not heard until admitted by the host into the meeting.
  • Introduce yourself - name, property address to the Committee.  Please address your comments through the Chair.
  • Highlight your key points relating to the application – we ask that speakers maintain the 10 minute time limit to allow for all registrants the opportunity to talk.
  • Larger groups should appoint a single representative to speak on the groups behalf.
  • Please note that correspondence and comments directed to the Committee members are restricted to the matters of the Planning Act. 


Breanna Antonio
Secretary/Treasurer to Committee of Adjustment
Tel: 905.871.1600 ext. 2508