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Committee of Adjustment

Purpose: To consider applications for minor variances from the Town's Zoning By-law and to consider applications for severance of land. Good representation with a variety of required skill sets including a good understanding of Provincial Planning Policies, and of the Town of Fort Erie Official Plan and Zoning By-law.

Composition: 7 citizen appointees

  1. Kenneth Burden
  2. Sam Cirasolo
  3. David Gianfrancesco
  4. Terry Moore
  5. Sam Pascia
  6. Denise VanOsch

Rate of remuneration is $95.69 for the Chair per meeting; $77.78 for members per meeting and a $200.00 travel allowance per year.

Meetings: The Committee of Adjustment generally meet on the 3rd Thursday monthly for Jan., Feb., March., June, July, Aug., Nov., Dec. and every 2nd and 4th Thursday for Apr., May, Sept., Oct. at 6:00 p.m. Please call the staff liaison to confirm meeting dates.

Staff Liason: Breanna Antonio, Secretary to Committee of Adjustment Ext. 2508