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Committee of Adjustment

Purpose: To consider applications for minor variances from the Town's Zoning By-law and to consider applications for severance of land. Good representation with a variety of required skill sets including a good understanding of Provincial Planning Policies, and of the Town of Fort Erie Official Plan and Zoning By-law.

Composition: 7 citizen appointees

  1. Kenneth Burden
  2. Sam Cirasolo
  3. David Gianfrancesco
  4. Terry Moore
  5. Sam Pascia
  6. Denise VanOsch

Rate of remuneration is $100.31 for the Chair per meeting; $81.53 for members per meeting and a $200.00 travel allowance per year.

Meetings: The Committee of Adjustment generally meet triweekly on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Please call the staff liaison to confirm meeting dates.

Staff Liason: Kimberlyn Smith, Secretary to Committee of Adjustment Ext. 2508