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Burning Bylaw


The Fort Erie Fire Department has implemented a pro-active approach to dealing with Open Air Burning within the Town. A common sense, neighbourly approach was taken to create sensible, fair and easy to follow rules to have a recreational campfire without negative effects on your neighbours. The Open Air Burning By-law was amended in September 2020 to include additional regulations.

This By-Law includes container types, size of fires, location on properties, time of day allowed for fires, weather conditions, acceptable materials to burn, required supervision, suppression devices and more. It also includes the option for the Fire Department to invoice repeat offenders who violate the Open Air Burning By-law for the cost of trucks and firefighters. 

The purpose of this By-Law is to reduce burning complaints. These reductions relieve the fire service from unnecessary incidents and assist the community by:
  • Keeping emergency crews available for other life-threatening and fire incidents.
  • Reducing costs associated with emergency responses (truck maintenance, fuel and manpower).
  • Reduces the potential for vehicle accidents that could occur when emergency responders drive to the fire hall as well as responding to the incident in emergency vehicles.