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Bay Beach FAQs

Q: How do I gain entry to Bay Beach?
A: To gain entry to Bay Beach, you will need to have one of three 2022 beach passes (i.e. resident, commercial or day). Proof of residency will not be required when entering Bay Beach. Fort Erie resident and commercial pass holders will be able to access Bay Beach during operating houses while adhering to beach rules, regardless of capacity levels. 

Q: Where and when can we pick up a resident season pass for Bay Beach?
A: Information regarding 2022 Resident Season Passes purchases will be available soon.

Q: Do I need proof of address when getting a season pass?
A: Yes, you will need either a driver’s license, birth certificate, passport or tax/water bill to prove that you are a Fort Erie resident to get a season pass.

Q: I'm a short-term rental operator. When will I be able to purchase a commercial pass?
A: Operators of Short-term rentals will be contacted when Commercial passes become available (expected date available soon).

Q: I am from outside of Fort Erie. Can I still come to the beach?
A: Yes. Bay Beach is open to the general public with daily capacity restrictions. Beachgoers will be able to purchase day passes in advanced and are encouraged to review the real-time beach capacity update before heading to the beach. Bay Beach day pass fees have been increased to $10 per person (Friday to Sunday, including holidays). 

Q: Are we allowed to access Bay Beach after the hours of operation?
A: Yes, however, physical distancing guidelines will apply.  All Town beaches are closed from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily.

Q: Will the beach be monitored before and after the hours of operation?
A: Yes. Town by-law staff and the Niagara Regional Police will periodically monitor the beach.

Q: Are there any food trucks or shops to purchase food on the beach?
A: No. However, there are many local shops and restaurants within a 10-minute walking distance of the beach.

Q: How will physical distancing measures be enforced on the beach and in the water?
A: Bay Beach staff, security and municipal by-law enforcement officers will be available to enforce physical distancing amongst beachgoers. In addition, staff will be limiting the number of people allowed on the beach at one time (1700 max).

Q: Do I need to get a season pass for each member of my family?
A: Yes, everyone over 12 years of age will require a pass to access the beach.

Q: How often is the water tested at Bay Beach? If so, where can I find these results?
A:  The Niagara Region tests the water quality at Bay Beach and other beaches in the Niagara Region.

Q: Is alcohol allowed on the beach?
A: No, alcohol is not allowed on the beach. Click here for a complete list of beach rules.

Q: Is there a charge for parking?
A: Yes. Information about parking including fees can be found here. In 2022 Bay Beach patrons will have the option of paying for parking at a physical machine (coin and credit only) or paying by way of mobile app or online.