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Municipal Election Accessibility Report

Section 12.1(3) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended, provides within 90 days after voting day in a regular election, the clerk shall prepare a report about the identification, removal and prevention of barriers that affect electors and candidates with disabilities and shall make the report available to the public. To view the Accessibility Report please click here.

Policies & Procedures

To view the Town of Fort Erie's "Policies and Procedures Governing the Provision of Election Information and Services to Persons with Disabilities", please click here. For instructions on how to adjust your browser font size, please click here.

All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that candidates and electors with disabilities are able to receive information and copies of election documents in a format that takes into account their disability. The format may be agreed upon between the requester and the Town Clerk.

Accessibility Feedback

Feedback from our customers gives us the opportunity to learn and improve. Feedback may be provided by an individual with a disability in a format that is most convenient for them such as by telephone, in person, in writing, by email or by delivering a diskette. All feedback will be kept in strict confidence and used to improve the delivery of accessible customer service. A response to the feedback will be provided in the manner in which it was received. A feedback form will be available to download soon.