Planning & Development

Planning & Development Services manages the growth and physical form of the Town through the land-use planning process.  Land-use planning enables the Town to establish goals and objectives for future growth and development.  Through this process, interests and objectives of individual property owners are balanced with the public interests and Town policies and objectives.

Planning & Development Services provides professional planning advice to Council, other departments, the public and Council endorsed committees on a variety of policy and procedural issues and Planning Act applications. Committee of Adjustment applications are managed by Planning and Development Services.

​Planning & Development Services activities relate to, long-range strategic planning and development review; formulation of plans, policies and guidelines on growth management, land use, development, heritage planning, economic development, environmental initiatives, strategic planning, urban design; processing and evaluation of development applications.  The department also conducts data collection, analysis, research and monitoring of land use, planning policy and growth management matters; digital mapping and related functions and customer service guidance to residents, business owners and applicants. In addition, it manages and prepares agreements for development applications, and provides development engineering review of planning applications.