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       3 Municipal Centre Drive
       Fort Erie, Ontario
       L2A 2S6

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       Contact Number:

       (905) 871-1600 ext. 2431

    Image of Leisureplex

    Welcome to the Leisureplex!

    Constructed for the people of Fort Erie in 1996.

    The Leisureplex is the next generation of Recreation Centre. It incorporates the latest technology, public/private partnerships and innovations, all designed to eliminate the traditional taxpayer subsidy for arena operations. Equally important is the ability to draw visitors into Fort Erie for tournaments and competitions, thereby helping to support the accommodation, restaurant and retail sectors of the local economy.

    First and foremost, however, the Leisureplex is for the residents of Fort Erie, both young and old. I invite everyone to visit the Leisureplex, participate and watch the many events, and then to return often to enjoy "your" Leisureplex.

    Sean Hutton

    Facilities Manager

    More information on the Leisureplex:

    History of the Leisureplex

    Services offered at the Leisureplex

    Who we wish to honour:

    The plaques located in the entrance to the Leisureplex are dedicated to those who assisted in the building of the Leisureplex from conception to completion.

    Mayor and Council Members
    (1991 - 1994 - 1997)

    John T. Teal, B.A., LL.B, Mayor

    Leslie Brady
    Bruce Moore
    Richard Berry
    Tim Haggerty
    Darlene Hazlett
    Wayne Redekop
    Bruce Cummings
    Darlene Hazlett
    Henry Rempel
    Donald Glenny
    Anne Marie Hudak
    Doug Martin
    Russ Wilson
    Richard Gorham
    Lynda Traves
    Ken P. Zurby, Chief Administrative Officer

    Technical Advisory Committee

    All Town associates including: Carolyn Booth, Max Gross, Margaret Neubauer, Ken P. Zurby, and Ron Rienas
    Project Manager: Emile McIlvenna
    Building Committee Chairman: Councillor Richard Gorham

    Fundraising Committee

    Chairman: John Johnston
    Vice Chair - Service Club Vice Chair


    Corporate Sector: Grace Maskell Community Relations: Nancy Thomas
    Committee Members: Michael Carrol
    Associate Members: Mike Anderson, Frank Durante, Paul Courier, Brent Gallagher, Larry Graeber, Joan E. Kaye, Vince Montironi, Skip Limebeer

    Technical Support

    Emile McIlvenna
    Ron Rienas

    Architect and Construction Contractor

    Jackson Ryder Architects Incorporated
    Internorth Construction Company Limited