Building Permits & Inspections

Building Permits & Inspection is responsible for the review and approval of building plans, the issuance of permits, and inspections under the Ontario Building Code. This includes the approval of the structural and mechanical elements of buildings, as well as plumbing, heating, ventilating, septic systems and septic system maintenance.

Contacts in this section of the department include:

Chief Building Official
Keegan Gennings, CBCO
(905) 871-1600 ext. 2515


Administrative Assistant
Ginnette Hassell Packer
(905) 871-1600 ext. 2516


Senior Building Inspector                            
Joe Schoonings                                                
(905) 871-1600 ext. 2519

Senior Building Inspector
Tom Neufeld
(905) 871-1600 ext. 2522


Building Inspector
Jay Muraca
(905) 871-1600 ext. 2541

Booking Inspections & General Inquiries
(905) 871-1600 ext. 5510


Our building inspectors abide by the Code of Conduct for Building Inspectors. To see the guide Click Here