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This day in our history

Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1788 - Lord Dorchester's proclamation divides the present Province of Ontario into four judicial districts. Bertie Township is made part of the Nassau district. There were courts, land boards, sheriffs, magistrates, clerks and coroners appointed in each district. (Ernest Cruikshank, A Century of Municipal History Part I (1729–1892), Welland, Ont.: By the County Council,1892, p. 6 and Many Voices II, Fort Erie, Ont.: Fort Erie Historical Museum, 2004, p. 283)

1937 - The Jehovah's Witnesses hold a 2-day convention in the Bertie Town Hall. (R. M. Disher, The Bertie Town Hall Story 1874–1974, Ridgeway, Ont.: Robert Disher, 1974, p. 16)

1964 - Dr. Marian White of the University of Buffalo oversees the excavation of native bodies from the ossuary (grave site) on Forsythe St. (Many Voices, Fort Erie, Ont.: Fort Erie Museum Board, 1996, p.2)

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  • PUBLIC NOTICE - Proposed New Sign By-law
  • MEDIA RELEASE (July 10, 2017) Roads Resurfacing program underway
  • Water & Wastewater Master Servicing Plan
  • Committee of Adjustment-Current Minor Variance Application Hearings
  • Committee of Adjustment-Consent Application Hearing
  • Events
  • Prince of Wales Stakes (7/25)
  • Bridges CHC- Social Group (7/25)
  • Bridges CHC- Citizens Against Poverty (7/26)
  • Ask A Social Worker (7/27)
  • World Hepatitus Day (7/28)
  • Church on the Beach (7/30)
  • Ask A Dietitian (7/31)
  • Quit Smoking Group (8/1)
  • Bridges CHC- Social Group (8/8)
  • South Niagara Artists Summer Studio Tours (8/12)
  • South Niagara Artists Summer Studio Tours (8/12)
  • Church on the Beach (8/13)
  • Waterfront Concert - Barley Brae (8/13)
  • Is It Dementia? (8/16)
  • Waterfront Concert - Toronto All-Star Big Band (8/20)