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Bay Beach Capacity Status Updates

To ensure room for physical distancing, beach staff is only allowing 2,000 (max.) Resident Season Pass holders on Bay Beach per day. Prior to heading to the beach, resident season pass holders are encouraged to check the capacity status updates (see below) to avoid disappointment and overcrowding. The following information is updated in real-time and without notice.

Additional information about Bay Beach:

This day in our history
Provided by the Fort Erie Museum

1814 - Seventy British seamen and marines in a small flotilla leave Point Abino and travel eastward and then north into the Niagara River. Under the leadership of Capt. Alexander Dobbs, their intent was to head off three American ships of war. Around midnight, claiming to carry provisions, these boats were allowed close enough to the American schooners the Somers and the Ohio to board and capture them. (Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online; Library and Archives of Canada and Ontario Historic Sites, Museums, Galleries and Plaques, Ont.: Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation. n.d., p. 145)

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